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Welcome to the site news console!
Here you can find out some updates to both the site and the content.


[ /terminal_page]$ ./news --blocks

[13.12.2020][12:08] -- The site has been updated.
English version of the site;
Add. section on Linux-page;
Additional ics;
Additional categories (so far commented out);
Additional contact and donation method.
Instagram icon updated;
Archive with scripts for k8vavoom;
Minor text changes in some places;
Buttons with fb2 files and Paypal-button fixed.
The details element is completely disabled and replaced with a simple string;
Literature files are completely disabled for the English version.

[13.12.2020][23:00] -- The site has been updated again. There could probably be regressions.
Site styles are moved into separate files from pages.

[7.01.2021][18:15] -- Full site update.
Added style for galleries;
Added footer - lower part of the site;
Finally, a personal logo is used;
Added "News" category.
Complete update of main.css style;
Clan, Linux pages use main.css with additions to the page code of the values necessary for these pages;
The navigation bar has been completely updated - it has become a sidebar and with lists;
Added images to the page with modpacks;
Returned back divisions into columns on the page with contacts.
What's left behind the scenes/Removed:
New site categories - still being finalized;
Removed files in the Linux category, except for scripts;
In the process of graphics for the site.

Since the stylistic design of the site was completely changed, with a 200% probability it will completely break on mobile screens and resolutions less than 1024x600 (it is likely that it will be broken on high ones, here 50/50), the reason for this is new navigation bar. For now, I'm not going to bother with mobile screens, so in browsers for this site, set the "Version for PC" option or something similar to it.

[25.02.2021][13:18] -- Site update and some news outside the update category.
The page for the RMC Jams project, which I am engaged in, has also added the corresponding graphics;
As a test, set the background on the pages with black color;
A version of the logo with Tux (Linux kernel logo) for the "linux" page has been created:
Finally, the "details" functionality is used for news (previously used for the footer);
Finally, I made a normal centering of buttons/images;
As a joke, added an image of my character Terminal Hash to contacts.
Adapted css-styles of the page for mobile devices (hopefully, completely);
Fully fixed buttons, position of ics/images, position of the footer (by switching to flex);
Added buttons for downloading Minecraft modpacks to game files;
The images are restructured.
The clan page has been removed due to one idiot grazing my site and pages for the purpose of assassinating. Who would like to join - contact personally from now on.

New writing project!

After about a week and a half of hard work, I am ready to present my modest works in the field of writing, but first - a what I was doing.
The RMC Jams project combines not only simple fan fiction - it is also music, and arts, small sketches from life, and so on. The work itself, so to speak, was more like "sweet bread" - the quality of the writing itself was ZERO , it was impossible to read without bloody tears, but the idea itself is quite interesting. GoddessOfNoobs invited me to take part in a complete rewriting of the project itself and in general its ennobling - I agreed right away, since at that moment I was taking a break from my projects, and I had no time to work with strangers, so "Why not?" was not dusty at first - I don't know for sure whether she set me on fire to the project leader, but I tried not to reveal myself, as one of the census co-authors. Slowly and unhurriedly, I bring the first chapter to the end, licking its stylistic appearance as much as possible, and here GoN proposes to get together under one conference, since it was difficult to lead the project in such a state. “Okay,” I say after a lot of deliberation and the conference was created. After some time, author of this project reported news about the competition, where the project will participate. Work on the project was completed at the end of January, additional edits were made after the deadline expired, the text was posted on Fiсbook and the project website. Unfortunately, it didn't work out completely for one simple reason - the deadline. He did not contribute to the work at all, which is why it took only a week and a half (not counting some days of additional edits), but despite this, the text itself is very readable.
I will continue to work on this project, so stay tuned here and in VK.

[25.02.2021][15:25] -- Minor update.
Added two new Minecraft modpacks.

[07.03.2021][12:05] -- Navigations.
Disabled sidebar (removed from the code of pages and moved to the code with a style, so as not to lose), added navigation based on pagination .

[03.04.2021][17:20] -- Making interesting things.
At the moment, work is underway on cards, demo of which you can see on the linux page. Not done the way I want, but it already works.

[18.04.2021][10:10] -- Playing with cards again.
The card code has been significantly expanded: now it has its own header (and an icon in it), a separate text field, text buttons with animation, the code of drop-down menus is also built into this form. Looks pretty enough .

Also, earlier you could notice the addition of all these same changes even earlier. Also, the following changes were not noted :

  • Added cards for my packs for Doom2D Forever.
  • Added card to rmc page.
  • Minor changes, additions, etc.

[18.04.2021][18:10] -- Minor update.
Changed charset to UTF-8 on all pages.

[23.04.2021][18:20] -- Fapping styles.
In the background, work is underway on various variations of the main-style;
Finally, a header has been added. It was before that, but not a separate div;
Added the code of the plate in forms (thanks to Lurkmore for the code).
"A little" iteration of the stylesheet code - a lot has been moved outside the main style, now it really defines only the main parameters.

[02.06.2021][20:00] -- New style.
Added and connected pages donate, commissions, irc_rules, files;
New style, based in part on solutions and colors of GNOME, also most adapted to mobile permissions;
Finally, a terminal (in the style of GNOME);
Added a new props and a link to the revealing QIWI article;
Added a separate flex-diff for cards, allowing them to be placed next to each other;
Back added maps for Doom2D Forever .
The whole site has completely changed the style called Modern (not on all pages);
The "Contacts" page has been renamed to "About me", the content has changed completely;
Tweakes cards - they should be more adapted to other resolutions;
The page with the game files has been converted to cards.

[04.06.2021][18:00] -- Facing the ends pages.
Added the contacts page, where I transferred information on contacts with the deceased contact_page;
Added my own E-Mail to contacts;
Connected the irc_rules_en page back (Thanks, OwlW);
Added a new card to the DF card.
Removed index page, renamed contact_page to index and slightly redesigned.

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