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How can you contact me:

Note: my personal accounts are listed here for inquiries about commissions, requests, collabs and trades. If you want to play, write directly to Steam if I'm online there. I would like to help with something, just chat, advertise - you don't even have to look at one of the profiles, you risk immediately flying into an emergency situation immediately and forever, you don't need to annoy me.

Discord: TerminalHash#7902

If you know what IRC is and know how to use it, then you are welcome:

  1. Server -
  2. Port - 6667
  3. Channel - #th_corner (binded to chat in Telegram).

A big request to log in from a local client (KVIrc, HexChat, Konversation or your convenience).
Those coming from web clients will be banned with a 99% chance because of one ill-wisher who uses everything just to annoy me. If an influx of spam and shit happened and I turned on the ability to write only to those who have OP/Voice - write to me or XenonSP , we will give you a voice.

You can also write to me to E-Mail:

Persistent spam will be completely ignored.

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