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category for the operating system GNU/Linux!

Source code:

GTK+ Themes

Cursor themes:

Universal packages/packages for some distributions:
Warning: before downloading, find out your system bitness using the command uname -а !

Doom 2D Forever:

Universal tarballs (semi-official):


Easy to install - unpack it to the root of your system or move each file/folder, according to the archive architecture .

GTK+ Themes:
The basis can be either someone else's or my own .

Clearlooks Phenix Plume.

Reincarnation of the once standard GNOME Clearlooks theme with a change of colors to purple from the project Tango Desktop Project.

Clearlooks Plume XP.

Fork of Clearlooks Plume theme with WinXP-like titlebar.


Recolor of Adwaita-theme with style from my site.

Cursor themes:
The basis can be either someone else's or my own .

Fallout 2 Vector Cursors.

Vector version of Fallout 2 cursors, based on cursor-toolbox.

Handwritten scripts for something.

k8vavoom install scripts.

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